Once that you have successfully registered as an Instructor, GradeSource provides you with a sample course that you can use to get familiar with the capabilities that GradeSource has to offer. When you log in you are brought to the GradeSource Course Select screen where the sample course is already selected.

The first display row listed is the GradeSource Course Heading. This row lists your login name and your current course. Here you can see that "demo" is the current user and "Sample 101 - Summer, 2000" is the currently selected course. The next display row is the GradeSource Main Menu. GradeSource indicates the currently selected menu by highlighting the current menu item. Here you can see that the "Course" menu item is selected. The last display row is the "Course" sub-menu. Here you can see that the "Select" sub-menu item is highlighted. Any future courses you add will be listed here. The far right column is the Action column, where you perform individual actions pertaining to the items in a specific row.

This demo starts just as a new Instructor starts by adding a new course. The red circle indicates the "Add New" menu item is about to be selected.

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