Here you are presented with the import roster screen. The first step in importing your roster is to determine what the delimiter is for your roster. For this demonstration, the roster which we are importing is a tab delimited file.

At this point the Instructor should open the student roster using his/her favorite text editor (Notepad, WordPad, SimpleText, etc.). Select the pertinent lines of the file and copy the data to your computer's clipboard. Next the Instructor pastes this data into the text area provided. (Note: For tab delimited files, some text editors replace tabstops with a certain number of spaces. This will cause the import to fail as there would be no tabstops for GradeSource to parse. Make sure that your text editor does not replace the tab stops with spaces.)

Now you are ready to set the import columns. In this example, the pertinent student information does not begin until the third column. The first column is used for the course name, and the second column is used for the course section. Notice that "Ignore" is set for the first two columns. The next column in this example roster is the student's name listed as: "Last Name, First Name". Finally, "Identification" and "Email" make up the last two columns.

Before continuing, there is a checkbox which asks the Instructor, "New Additions/Updates Only" This checkbox will be useful for keeping your GradeSource roster up to date with your school's roster on an ongoing basis. This will be explained in more detail shortly.

GradeSource begins parsing the roster when the Instructor selects the "Import Roster" button.

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