Here the Instructor is presented with the new announcement entry screen.

The "Headline" for the announcement is the subject or title of the announcement. The announcement text will be displayed below this headline. The "Active" checkbox is checked when the instructor wants the announcement to be displayed the next time that reports are generated. If this box is not checked, the announcement is "inactive" which means that the announcement will not be displayed to students. An inactive announcement is useful if an instructor wants to create an announcement today to display to students at a later time in the term. Additionally, an inactive announcement can be used to make private notes about the course, not to display to students. The next three choices, Activation Date, Expiration Date, and Importable, remain defaulted to blank. These attributes are featured later in this demo. The Announcement Body is the text of the announcement, itself.

The instructor enters the announcement information on this screen and then selects "Submit" to confirm the new announcement creation.

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